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Notice to Members Who Use Bank of the West ATMs
Notice to Members Who Use Bank of the West ATMs
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Requirement for Depositing Checks with Mobile App

For enhanced security in Online Banking, member numbers may no longer be used as Login IDs. If you are using your member number as your login ID you will be required to change it by September 25th. You can change your Login ID by selecting ‘Account Management’ in Online Banking

You do not need to wait until September 25th, you can change your login ID now by following these simple step:

  1. Login through the Online Banking Login Page or the Meriwest Homepage.
  2. Click on ‘Account Management’ in the column on the left
  3. Click on ’Change Login ID’ in the Services Menu
  4. Enter your new Login ID and click ‘Update’
  5. Complete the Identity Verification steps via the confirmation code sent by text, phone or by answering a series of identity questions.  

If you forgot your login ID, or simply want to reset it through the Online Banking Login Page, you can click on the “Forgot/Reset Login ID” link located there, or on the Meriwest Homepage. You will then need to follow the Identity Verification steps (#5 above).

Please note: Members can only delay updating their Login ID once after September 25th. After that, the change will be required to successfully login.