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FLOW Account

What is the Meriwest FLOW Debit Card?

Meriwest FLOW works like this: You or your parents put money in your account — like what you've been earning or what your parents have been giving you for school, gas, clothes, allowance or whatever. Money is loaded into FLOW from their personal account, and your parents can even set up regular, automatic transfers to give you an allowance.

Now you can use the card at the mall, over the phone, and even online — wherever Visa® is accepted. Does it sound like a credit card? It's not. The amount you spend or use is taken immediately from your FLOW account. Balance too low? Time to get more FLOW! It's like cash, but smarter, safer and a good tool to learn about real-life budgeting and financial responsibility.

Okay, here's why the FLOW Card is so cool:

  • Freedom! Get what you need, when you need it — anywhere!
  • Independence! No need to borrow mom or dad's card, and no need to carry cash. Score the latest stuff with your own card.
  • Responsibility! Yeah, it's gotta happen sooner or later. May as well learn to manage and save money now.
  • Easy Funding! Keep the FLOW going by phone, online or at any Meriwest financial center. And if you have a job, keep it going with Direct Deposit.
  • Design! Two cool card designs that you can pick. This is your card, not mom and dad's bank card. Bet your friends don't have the FLOW.
Visit our checking accounts page to learn more and compare your options. If you have any questions just call 877-637-4937 for more information. To register for online banking, click here.

Just click on “Open Products” when you sign into your Meriwest Online Banking Account and select the "FLOW Account" option.

Not a member? Just click the "Join Now" button below and complete the application.

Because you might use your accounts dierently,Meriwest gives you the option to add an Upgrade Plan to Your Choice Checking or FLOW accounts.

Monthly Subscription Rate Non-Meriwest ATM Transactions ATM Surcharge Rebates Replacement ATM/Debit Card
$5 Unlimited Unlimited Free

Just select the upgrade option when filling out the application.

Join Now
You can also call us at 877-MERIWEST (877) 637-4937