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Audrey Aguaristi-Perez

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Loan Consultant

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Audrey has been in the financial industry since 2007 and has a strong passion in providing individuals and families with genuine customer service. Audrey has planted her professional roots with Meriwest Mortgage and thoroughly enjoys working with the community in reaching their homeownership goals.

Cell: (408) 849-6078
Office: (408) 363-3436

NMLS# 1276166

  • Audrey offers a wide range of financial products and has the ability to assist homebuyers and existing homeowners in obtaining the best possible options to enhance her clients’ financial needs.
  • Audrey’s attention to detail in selecting the best possible products provides her clients with substantial savings and also peace of mind.
  • The home buying process can be very exciting, yet considerably complex. Audrey is always available to walk you through the entire lending process. She takes pride in creating a committed and reliable relationship for the years to follow.
  • Audrey received the Silicon Valley Chapter of California Credit Union League "Shining Star" Award in 2013 and has received various Meriwest Pride Recognition Awards commending her for her excellent service to peers and Credit Union Members.
  • Audrey is an affiliate member of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors.

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  • "Audrey's attentiveness, and great lines of communication. Provided us with a good rate right out the gate showing she had our best interest in mind (did not get this from LoanDepot)." 
    - Kyle G.
  • "Working with Audrey and her team at Meriwest made my REFI proceed as smooth as possible, extremely responsive and proactive follow-up. All I needed to do is provide the requested documents and that was it. I am glad I selected Audrey when selecting Meriwest, she is a gem. " 
    - Sergio C.
  • "Audrey, It was such a pleasure working with you to secure our recent mortgage. You provided such excellent service--always prompt, efficient, and with such positive enthusiasm. I did shop around for a mortgage lender, but I chose Meriwest because of you. I could tell from the beginning that you would provide personal service, and I was not disappointed. My realtor was even impressed with how quickly we were able to close. The whole process went so smoothly because of your personal touch! Sincerely, " 
    - Cheryl
  • "Audrey is a great loan officer, she was so patient and answered all our questions. She was also very quick at responding to phone calls, even to emails or messages." 
    - Rashmi G.
  • "Audrey!!! You're the best! :) Thank you so much for helping me to get through my refinancing. It was tough but you were able to get it done fast. You're super responsive, kind & sweet! I am more than happy to refer my friends & families to you! And for Yelpers...I highly recommend Audrey if you are thinking of financing or refinancing your home!!! :) Many thnks to you!" 
    - Dung L.
  • "I wanted to thank you again (formally) for all that you have done for me & my wife. We had been going to different people at other banks or loan companies to try to get a refinance. Recently a loan company suggested that I get a hard money loan at 10% then 2-3 months later go for a traditional refi. Luckily I did not do that and decided to reach-out to Meriwest one last time. We knew all along that we really did not have any debt other than our kids student loans. We knew that we had plenty of equity in our home even after a refi. It wasn’t until I met you did you say you would make it happen and you escalated my situation to your management. Your personal investment into my situation helped to have others listen to you vs. solely rely on a matrix for qualification metrics to determine yes/no. You were successful in not caring about what the matrix said about who is a good or bad applicant. You believed in me and understood the human elements in getting a loan and the elements surrounding why it is needed, you understood the need for this refinance to help us get a fresh start and move forward with our lives. During this stressful process, you were able to keep me current to what to expect next and help me try to remain calm. You were able to provide honest and candid information that was invaluable in educating me about the timelines required to close this deal. You have been very professional and yet caring and you certainly understood our situation and without your efforts, we may not have had the results that we did. So for that, I do owe you and will always keep in touch and refer you to any/all family, friends or colleagues who may need a home loan. You were successful in turning this transactional process into a personal exchange and you listened to my needs while communicating almost daily with me. I could not have asked for a better partner to help me through this process. THANK YOU!!!!! Many times we wake-up, get dressed and do our job as it was outlined in our job description. We do not always realize or think about how we act and/or does our job have an impact with others and/or that we ultimately touch lives in many ways that we would not normally expect. Therefore, you have certainly touched our lives and made an impact. You have enabled us to take a breath and look forward. Your support was priceless and we will forever appreciate you taking a chance to work with us and help us. I owe you! Without a doubt, we will share your contact with any/all who could benefit with you & Meriwest. In return, if there is anything I/we can do to help you and return the favor, please don’t hesitate to ask BTW – have I mention lately that I owe you? All the best. I will plan to bring you a card & bottle of ‘liquid thanks’ soon so that I can thank you in person. Cheers, " 
    - Ron P.
  • "I wanted to take a moment and provide some candid feedback about Audrey. We engaged with Audrey about a year ago to secure financing to purchase a house, but due to mitigating circumstance Audrey was not able to help us to no fault of her. But despite the fact that Audrey was not able to help us, she displayed nothing but professionalism and answered any questions we had. Due to the more than professional behavior displayed by Audrey last year I reached out to her again this year to refinance our house. Being engaged with multiple lenders at the same time to shop for the best rate it came down to that because of Audrey deciding to give our business to Meriwest. The other lenders offered the same rates, but having worked with Audrey last year and this year we felt more comfortable by a large margin to work with her. I have done a lot of business with various banks and credit institutions over the years and I can say without a doubt that Audrey by far is the best mortgage broker I have ever worked with. Not only did Audrey respond day and night and on weekends within less than an hour (honestly, most the time it was within (5min), she also always took the time to explain everything in great detail no matter how "silly" the question was never losing her cool or becoming inpatient. Her professionalism is only exceeded by her tirelessly unparalleled effort to deliver exceptional customer service. Audrey has not only exceeded our expectations, she has throughout the entire process gone the extra mile. And to top it all off Audrey is a really nice pleasant person. You have my permission to use my testimonial publicly, as I am more than happy to defend every single word I said about Audrey. "
    - A. Zindel
  • "I want to express my gratitude to Meriwest Mortgage and Ms. Audrey Aguaristi-Perez. Several months ago, i had inquired about what the mortgage rates were at the time, I had heard that they had fallen. After communicating and submitting supporting documentation to Ms. Aguaristi-Perez, the mortgage rates were not at the rate I was looking for. I discussed this with Ms. Aguaristi-Perez and i let her know what rates i was looking for. Several months went by and I got an e-mail from Ms. Aguaristi-Perez that the rates were at the rate I wanted. I provided documentation and within 22 days we closed the refinancing of our home. I got the rate that I was looking for, took out some equity and lowered my monthly payment by $200. I am very pleased with Meriwest Mortgage and Ms. Aguaristi-Perez's service. They made the entire process very so easy. I am very pleased and I will definitely continue to do business with Meriwest." 
    - J. Castaneda
  • "I am just writing to give thanks to our wonderful loan consultant, Audrey Aguaristi-Perez, who helped make wishes come true for my husband, myself and our family. From the beginning when we started looking for our forever retirement home Audrey was there advising us on all the important details from inspections, interest rates, and closing options. When by accident we stumbled on the mountain lodge of our dreams she made it happen. When our existing home sold overnight she worked with our agents to get miracles accomplished. She made the entire process a snap from closing on our existing home, completing our loan application for our forever home to calling us at time. She made it all seamless, easy and an actually enjoyable experience. I would and have recommended her to other family and friends for all loan services. My husband and I just look at each other as we gaze out of or mountain oasis and giggle like kids on Christmas morning. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making a vision into reality that allows us to keep dreaming from every morning when we wake up till we lay our heads on our night time pillows under the stars!!" 
    - Jon & Ginger S.
  • "Hi Audrey, I have been meaning to write you a thank you note. Now is a good time as any. I totally enjoyed working with you on our home loan. You were very professional, very courteous and very informing every step of the way. I appreciated how you took or responded to all my calls with questions. I would highly recommend you to other people who are looking for a loan. I have been with Meriwest (formerly golden Bay Credit Union) for 20yrs and have never been dissatisfied or unhappy with their services. This one means allot to me because it really help us out during a difficult time. Thanks once again! Best Regards" 
    - Joe & Cindy N.
  • "Audrey was so professional & kind from beginning to end of the refi process. We ran into a glitch toward the end but she never gave up even when it seemed hopeless. It meant a lot to me that she always kept in touch. She worked hard and made it happen! Huge thanks to Audrey!" 
    - Susan S.
  • "I just wanted to send along a message of praise for Audrey Aguaristi-Perez... She recently guided us through your process to refinance our home mortgage and equity line of credit...Though the entire process was conducted almost entirely electronically (e.g. e-mail, text messages, on-line applications, etc.), we always felt connected to Audrey as if she were in the room with us every step of the way… How was this possible? Well, she always responded to our questions promptly, accurately, and, most importantly, honestly… She displayed a sense of humor to maintain our spirits when the process got bogged down a bit… And she never failed to do the "little things" (e.g. coordinate conversations with title company) to get the process back on track when it did bog down… I have little doubt that our experience with her was not unique, and her other clients enjoy the same level of "best in class" service… As a consultant who has traveled all over the country and many parts of the world to assist organizations, I know a thing or two about service levels in many fields… Audrey’s level is truly "best in class" 
    - Blair and Avis C.
  • "Audrey Aguaristi-Perez helped us in securing our loan for our new home in Hayward. She was so organized, dependable, reliable, honest, professional, kind & patient â€" which made all the difference in our interactions with her. Audrey kept the ball rolling and the process was completed in the time frame promised. We put our trust in her and she most definitely came through for us! We thank Audrey for patience and treating us as people rather than just home loan customers. We will certainly call her for our next loan and we will not hesitate to recommend her to our family and friends!"
    - Roland R.
  • "We purchased our home about six months ago and we decided to apply for the loan with a credit union. The service and attention we got from Audrey was wonderful, she guided us thru every step and always kept us informed." 
    - Ivan B.
  • "She did a great job and was on top of everything we needed. Thanks" 
    - Carol Waddington

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