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Military Benefits

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ATM and Debit Card Fee Waiver/Rebate for Active Military Members*

In honor of those who serve.

In appreciation of their service, Meriwest will waive or rebate all ATM and Debit Card transaction fees for active military members and their dependents.

Whether you are serving our country abroad or at a post not far from home we do not believe your duty to our country should cause you to incur extra network fees for remaining a Meriwest member. We know convenient access to your money and account is important and we are happy to make it cost-free as well, as you serve our country. Specifically, we will:

  • Waive all Meriwest ATM Fees of $1.50 for using a non-Meriwest ATMs
  • Rebate all ATM Surcharge Fees charged by other financial institutions
  • Rebate MasterCard Issuer Cross-Border Fees
  • Rebate MasterCard Currency Conversion Fees

Member must be on active military duty or a dependent that qualifies for a military dependent identification card issued by the United Sates Government. Identification is required to verify active military or dependent status.

*All ATM transaction fees will be waived and all ATM surcharges and MasterCard foreign transaction fees will be rebated for ATM and Debit Cards issued to active military members and members who are active military dependents. Official United States Government Identification must be presented for active duty personnel and each dependent to enroll. Fee waivers/rebates will be effective through the expiration date on the military identification card(s). Members are responsible for contacting the Credit Union at the time their military identification card is renewed to continue the fee waivers/rebates. Fees cannot be waived or rebated retroactive to enrollment. Any fees incurred will be rebated at the end of each business day. The account balance must accommodate the fees or surcharges until the rebate is processed.

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