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You Name It Savings

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Make it yours and name your savings!

No matter what stage you are in life, there is always a need to save: to purchase your first home, to buy a new car, to pay for college, or to throw the big wedding you dreamed of.

To help you start saving for such life-changing decisions, Meriwest's You Name It Savings Account offers you a higher yield than regular savings, so your savings build up faster and you can realize your dreams sooner.

  • Personalizing the account and name it whatever you like
  • A higher dividend - Not only will you earn a higher yield, but you can personalize the account by calling it according to whatever you like: Wedding Savings, First Home Savings, First Car Savings, College Savings. You save it, and you name it.
  • Free Online Banking
  • Current Savings Rates
  • Calculate your potential earnings

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