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Enhanced Security for Online Banking Login Security 

The Online Banking login authentication process incorporates enhanced security features for your protection.  Online Banking  relies on sophisticated security features to authenticate your identity when logging in.


If you have not done so already, please make sure we have your correct phone number on file. If we do not have your current phone numbers on file for verification or the calls/texts fail for some reason, Online Banking will attempt to help you verify your identity through knowledge-based authentication questions. While effective, knowledge-based authentication should be a last resort as these questions are generated from a broad range of public records and information sources and may be hard to answer. This will impact your ability to access your accounts via Online Banking.

If you are successful logging on through knowledge-based question you should immediately update your phone number in Online Banking by selecting “Account Management” on the left column after you log in. If you are unsuccessful, please call us at 877-MERIWEST (637-4937) or visit any financial center for assistance with updating your phone number on file.

The first time you log-in, you will be asked to create new Security Questions and Answers. From there, the system will mostly mimic the current process, but with more sophistication. For example, you may be asked to answer Security Questions the first few times you log in to Online Banking and/or, for certain types of transactions, you may be prompted to complete an identity verification via phone call or text message. Over time, the enhanced Online Banking security system will learn your patterns (IP address, usual browsers, etc.) and only require additional verification if these behaviors fall outside of your normal activity.

Note: This does not affect or apply to the Mobile Banking app.

Here’s what you will see if you enter the wrong login ID or password.  You will be redirected to this Online Banking Login page so that you may reenter your information or reset your password:

Secure Online Banking Login


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the secure login verify my identity?

    Here’s an example of the Identity Verification screen you use to enter your contact information:

    Identity verification

    Here's how those texts will look on the receiving end:

    Example of Identity Verification via text message

    As the texts are sent (or calls made) your screen will ready itself for you to enter the code you receive:

    confirmation code

  • "I can’t be reached at any of these numbers" Can I still be verified?

    Yes. When you select this method,

    1. You will be presented with three knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions sourced dynamically from public databases within the US and the US territories.
    2. You must answer these questions to pass the verification and complete your requested transaction

    If you abandon or fail to correctly answer these questions 3 times, then you will be locked out of Online Banking.

    The KBA service obtains commercially available information and public record data from many sources that is not subjected to FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) regulations.

    NOTE: Credit reports are never used as a source for knowledge-based authentication questions.

  • Can I have the verification code sent through a text to my mobile phone?

    Yes, to have a verification code sent to your phone:

    1. Select “send me a text message”, a text message is almost immediately sent to your mobile device. Here is an example of the message: 
      Example of Identity Verification via text message
    2. Simultaneously, your online banking screen changes to this: 
      confirmation code
    3. This is where you must enter the Identification Code and click the “Submit” button. 
    4. If you enter the correct Verification Code, the transaction is allowed to be executed. You will be taken back to the Transaction screen.
      (Anytime you click Cancel it will return to the Identity Verification screen.)
  • What happened to the Security image?

    Online Banking no longer utilizes security images. Instead, it will rely on its own security features to authenticate you when logging in.

    This is an intelligent new security system that will learn your patterns (IP address, usual browsers, etc.) over time and only require additional verification if these behaviors fall outside of your normal activity.

  • If I get locked out of Online Banking, can you unlock my Online Banking Account?

    Yes, please Contact Us if you have become locked out of your Online Banking Account. A member representative will confirm your identity, unlock your account, and reset your security questions.