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Cybercrime Alert

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Ways to Keep Your Identity Safe!

With cybercrime a real threat to individuals and companies it is important to note what Meriwest is doing to protect your assets.

First, we have very sophisticated systems in place that look for unusual and suspicious activity.  We have a monitoring system that works for you 24/7 to allow us to mitigate activities should anything appear to be out of the ordinary.  We work very closely with our vendors to make sure we are up to date on best practices with regard to fraud detection and prevention. 

Secondly, we encourage all members to do their part by undertaking security precautions in managing your accounts. Those include:

If you see anything out of the ordinary please contact us immediately at 877-637-4937.

If you think that your PIN may have been compromised at any time, you may contact our 24-hour Debit Card PIN change at 800-290-7893.

You may also contact our Fraud Center at 800-237-8990, for any suspected fraud on your ATM/Debit Card.

Additional recommendations and information regarding security can be found on our web site at

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