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Financial Education Tools & Resources

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Financial Education is Key!

Financial Education

We are committed to promoting financial literacy and ensuring accessibility to all community residents.

We provide complimentary financial education workshops, on demand videos and access to financial resources to promote financial wellness. We advocate and encourage youth to start on the right financial path early in life with tailored products and financial educational workshops.

We strive to provide families and college students the financial resources to effectively manage their money and avoid the pitfalls of little savings for emergency, high credit card debt or home foreclosure.

Meriwest offers a complete library of financial resources to support you in successfully managing your money.

Financial Education Programs at Meriwest

  • Help For Your Personal Finances

    We are here to help!

    Meriwest Credit Union believes everyone should have access to personal financial education. It does not matter whether you are a youth or a senior citizen; the need for financial education spans all age groups.  

    Young people need to learn about budgeting and how to best handle a checking account. Later in life, we need to learn how to purchase a home or how to protect our identities in public and on the internet. As we grow even older, we need to know how to protect our retirement nest eggs and prepare our estates to help our children and grandchildren. 

    Improve your financial future by gaining a better understanding of a broad range of personal finance topics.  The tools & tips we are providing will help you build strong money management skills that will serve you today and for years to come. 

  • Youth Financial Education

    We want to partner with your school!

    Meriwest is a proud partner of many school districts providing financial and life skills workshops to help our students become prepared for the financial realities of today's world? Do they understand what credit means? Can they balance a checkbook and live within their means? These are the questions all parents should be asking and preparing their children for as they develop their independence. The Meriwest Teen Financial Education classes give young people insight into what life can be like when they are independent and living on their own. Our budget simulation gives the students a post college job and a savings account. The students then have to rent an apartment, furnish the apartment, buy a car, and then develop a budget that will allow them to live comfortably and replenish their savings with their after tax income. It is an exciting and thought provoking class that gives young people a taste of the real world.

    Meriwest Credit Union also provides credit classes for teens and young adults. Establishing Credit teaches teenagers how to get started in credit and what financial issues to avoid on the way to building an excellent credit rating. The Credit Myths and Repair workshop provides a more in-depth view of credit and credit scoring as well as information on accessing and reviewing one's credit report. Finally, Auto Finance 101 provides valuable insights into purchasing and financing a young person's first vehicle. In the Auto Finance 101 class we teach teens and young adults how to negotiate their deal and show them the best options for financing their auto purchases.

    Call our Community Relations Team at (408) 365-6328 to inquire and book a time for us to visit your school.


  • Financial Literacy Resources for Educators

    Preparing your students for financial success!

    Meriwest Credit Union is here to help empower educators by providing free access to a diverse range of financial literacy resources.  Our resources include free financial literacy presentations for classroom use and online video tutorials. It is our hope these resources will provide students the tools necessary for financial success.

    Incorporating money lessons into your classroom is an important addition to a student’s educational experience.  Whether you’re introducing this topic to your students for the first time or you want to reinforce what you’re currently doing, our resources offer a wide array of topics.

  • College Savings Plans

    Helping Families Save for College

    Every parent wants to see their child enter and graduate from college. The 529 College Savings Plans were created to help families save for college without having to pay taxes on the earnings. If 100% of the funds deposited in a 529 College Savings are used for any type of post-secondary school education (colleges and trade schools) the earnings are tax free. 

    • College 529 Plans - This is a U.S. Government sponsored website featuring general information on College 529 Savings Plans. Will you have the money ready when your child is ready for college? Learn how a 529 Plan can benefit your child's future education. 
    • Estate Planning - In a way, estate planning is like fishing in the backwoods. You would not go into the backwoods without a professional guide to lead you to the best streams where you find the best fishing. In the case of your estate, your investment advisor is your guide to protecting your family and the nest egg you have grown over the years. A professional investment advisor will be able to direct you to the best products that meet your investment objectives and estate planning needs. 
    • Meriwest Wealth Advisors - Estate planning is not simple or planned for overnight. Good estate planning can save your family time and money when you pass. With a good estate plan, you can save money on your taxes and pass along more of your estate to the ones you love. You can even establish charitable giving with your plan or a charitable trust or foundation. MW Wealth Advisors can help you.

      Meriwest Wealth Advisors is also the investment company serving the members of Meriwest Credit Union. You need someone who can distill your financial information and investment goals into an investment portfolio customized to your lifestyle and needs. You can discover your options by meeting with one of the registered representatives by calling (408) 363-3300. A simple call can make a big difference for you and your family.
  • Downloadable Presentations

Video Resources

Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to join Meriwest Credit Union if any of the following applies

  • You live, work, worship, or attend school in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties of Northern California, and Pima county of Arizona.
  • You are an employee of a participating Meriwest Credit Union member company.
  • You are a relative of or reside with a current member of Meriwest Credit Union.
  • If you don’t meet any of the requirements above but live in California or Arizona, you can still join Meriwest with a complimentary membership in the Financial Fitness Association. Call 1-877-637-4937 to learn more.
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