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Why Millions of Americans Join Credit Unions

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  • Credit Unions are true to their mission. We promote the economic well-being of our members -- including those of modest means -- through a system that is cooperative, member-owned, volunteer directed, not-for-profit and, therefore, tax-exempt.
  • Credit Unions continue to invest in people. We reach out to help those who have traditionally been underserved, such as seniors living on fixed incomes, single working mothers, minority communities seeking greater community investment, and small-business owners struggling to raise capital to build their dreams.
  • A Choice: Credit Unions are cooperatives. Credit unions give consumers the choice of ownership. Credit unions are owned by the people they serve. They are not customers; they are members.
  • A Voice: Credit Union directors are volunteers elected by their peers. Being an owner, each member -- regardless of how much he or she has on deposit -- has an equal voice in director elections. Credit unions are democracy in action.
  • A Good Deal: Credit Unions are not-for-profit. Profits go to members through higher savings rates, and lower loan rates and fees. All told, credit unions save members billions of dollars annually due to better rates and fees -- money that stays in local communities and not siphoned off by out-of-state megabanks.

 So, why not join the millions of Americans who are benefiting from a credit union?

For more information on the benefits of a Meriwest Credit Union membership, please contact:

Helen Grays-Jones
Community Relations Manager

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